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Tips&Sips November 19th - Driving

TIPS&SIPS is Lake Chabot's newest afternoon social event that we will host 3 back-to-back weeks through November starting at 3:00pm. KMR Academy's Kathleen Robinson will be focusing on 3 different major practice areas to help the group focus and dial in on their game.
November 19th Tips&Sips will focus on Driving and Range help. If you've always struggled with full shots or just need some extra instruction, it's your time to sign up for this social Tips and Sips event for a one-of-a-kind lesson and social combined. 
This event includes:
1 hour of "Tips"
2 drink tickets for "Sips"
1 contest at the end of the hour
1/2 off Appetizer Menu in the Cafe

If you have any questions, contact Jamie at or call (510) 351-5812 ext. 3.